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About Us

At Stevens Food Group, we specialize in providing end-to-end supply chain management solutions for Chain Restaurants. Our experienced team can help you design and implement a customized strategy that meets your unique needs and goals. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and analytics to optimize your operations and drive growth.

Our Story!

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In 2009 Robert Stevens started Stevens Food Group (SFG). Previously, he worked as a VP of National Sales, then VP of Marketing & Procurement for a National broadline Foodservice Distributor. In starting (SFG) his goal was to use his experience in the foodservice industry to support multi-unit restaurant chains with their purchasing and distribution needs. After finding a few companies that he could represent as a broker, he formed Stevens Food Group. As he was selling to different restaurant chains, he recognized that there was a need in some multi-unit chains for a full purchasing program. They did not simply need a GPO that would bring them contract and rebates, they needed someone to truly watch all aspects of their purchasing by managing it as if they were in just another office at the corporate headquarters.

To achieve this, Robert brought on his brother Patrick Stevens as a partner and Executive Vice President of the company. Patrick, having been a multi-unit franchisee of a large national chain, brought in a lot of experience from the operator side that would help to grow SFG.

Now SFG has become one of the best options for chain restaurants. Collectively, the Stevens Food Group team has over 250 years of foodservice experience in purchasing, distribution, operations, and culinary arts, which is rivaled by no other company. We currently manage over $350 million in annual foodservice purchases and have saved millions for our clients. Given our expertise, insight, purchasing volume, and broad network of distributor and vendor relationships, partnering with Stevens Food Group will have a tremendous impact on your bottom line.

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