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Monthly Commodity Reports

Ever thought it would be nice to know how the markets are impacting your prices? Here you go....

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Q. What if I already have a Purchasing Manager?

A. Many of our clients have purchasing managers in place, but with this post-Covid supply chain world it can be challenging to find the bandwidth to handle everything and that is where we can help!

Q. Is this just another GPO?

A. No, we do use our collective purchasing power in some scenarios when it makes sense, but all contracts are written to each client. We manage each client based on their needs.

Q. How do you get paid?

A. We never want to be an additional line on your P&L, that is why we prefer to get paid out of the savings. This looks different for each client because each program is custom built based on your needs. Hit the connect button below to start building your custom program today.

Q. What if I only want you to do a distributor RFP?

A. We can do that! Hit the Connect button below to get started.

Q. What management software do you use?

A. Because we are distributor and vendor neutral we developed and maintain our own proprietary software that will work with every platform.

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